Italian Cold Foil and Cast&Cure by EuroGraf, design and made in Italy

What you can print offset, you can print it better and brighter with Cold Foil!

Learn how to get real competitive advantages, win new markets and important customers, with unique products, no waste of resources, and quickly recovering your investment before your competitors

Are you struggling to compete with too many competitors on the market, forced to focus only on "wins the lowest price" policy?
I understand you, without having the opportunity to offer unique products is hard to go on.
Our affectionate customer told me: "Without the application of Cold Foil, my company would not be there anymore."

Listen to my story and my company's story.

Continuing to read, find out how we have revolutionized the printing with Cold Foil thanks to the installation which can be done on any type of offset printing machine.

dott. ing. Sandro Ambrosi

I am Sandro Ambrosi, engineer, MBA at INSEAD in Paris and GM/owner of EuroGraf Tecnologia per la Stampa S.r.l., the company that I have been proud to manage since almost 30 years.
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I want to discuss with you, colleague, how technological evolution is still the winning weapon and how to take the right and weighted business choices. This is so that you can emerge from the horror of competition without wasting valuable resources and riding trends that are creating on the market a massive demand for printed foil paper today unsatisfied.

Since 1988 I work closely with print professionals working on the 4 continents.

Ever since then, I have never stopped listening to their needs, the constant search for technological solutions that make their job better: easier, faster and more profitable.

Italian Cold Foil and Cast&Cure by EuroGraf design and made in Italy

Can be installed on any type of offset printing machine, able of delivering extraordinary brilliant printed products with reliability, minimizing waste and optimizing printing / foiling in one process.
With my team, my precious collaborators, I have developed a technology for cold foil printing that has been continuously improved since 10 years and that since 10 years takes the form of a special system, now used in Italy and abroad.

With Cold Foil by EuroGraf you can get a precious ennobling in line with a wide variety of combinations and color effects through the 4 color traditional printing on Cold Foil: a solution that makes every single print unique of its kind!

The Cold Foil by EuroGraf is suitable for both large surfaces and very thin lines. This kind of ennobling is now applied in the field of packaging especially for high added value sectors such as fashion and food, commercial publishing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

These markets are capable of catalyzing huge investments and for which, of course, there is no realization of the possibility of a crisis in the near future: these are among the many, the next customers you can acquire with EuroGraf technology.

The benefits of Cold Foil are various: online printing, production speed, perfect offset  register, no thermal stress for paper and, last but not least, the reduced cost of the plate against the cliché for hot printing.

This technique allows infinite new and fascinating chromatic effects, with luminous results and three-dimensional rendering.

You will think that similar results can be obtained with Hot Foil processes, but the effects you can achieve with Cold Foil by EuroGraf are far superior.

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But it's not just the superb printing quality that has earned us the Guinness for the largest Cold Foil installation in the world on a KBA RA 162: our system reduces costs and production times considerably.

Double tower Cold Foil system installed on a KBA RA 162 6+LX The biggest installation in the world

Let's do some calculations, we are both print professionals, it is one of the best thing we can do. Which advantages can you catch today, before your competitors do them?

Italian Cold Foil su KBA RA 105 6+LX in Poland

The Madonna (Maestà) by Rucellai painted by Duccio di Boninsegna in 1285, exhibited at the "Galleria degli Uffizi" in Florence (on the left side we notice the brightness given by Cold Foil, while the right side is printed without Cold Foil and is much less significant) laminated using true gold throughout the painting, which can only be reproduced with the Cold Foil, enhancing the brilliance.

Let's suppose:
- to have 2 "ups of blank" on a 70x100cm sheet;
- having to produce a total of 10,000 pieces;
- the elements to be laminated have a dimension of 25x35cm each (one element for each "up").

Processes and Costs Compared

As you know, the Hot Foil process requires the use of a printing machine and a machine for stamping; two machines, two preparations, two operations.

The Cold Foil by EuroGraf, installed on your machine, allows you to print and laminate  in-line, with one machine and reduce costs and speed up production.

Additionally, with your Cold Foil by EuroGraf, you can make larger surface laminations without changing your faithful master machine and without adapting the sheet size before laminating. In the example taken into consideration, you should cut the sheet in two, as how frequent are the register problems when stamping is on so extensive surfaces with Hot Foil (in this case you would have to go from 70x100 cm to two 70x50 cm).

Hot Foil

Printing   Same cost in both processes  
Lamination 8 manpower hours Size adjustment  
    Preparation 280 €
  8 printing press hours   400 €
  Die-cuttings   250€
  Foil   225€
      1155 €

Cold Foil EuroGraf

Printing   Same cost in both processes  
Lamination 8 manpower hours Size adjustment  
    Preparation 0 €
  8 printing press hours   0 €
  Offset plates   10€
  Adhesive   52€
  Reels of foil   650€
      712 €

In conclusion, the cost advantage of Cold Foil on Hot Foil is around 35%

Cold Foil advantages

With Cold Foil by EuroGraf:
- reduce production costs by 30%;
- reduce production times by at least 50%;
- implement a single organic process;
- get a unique product that meets a big unsatisfied request;
- make fast and easy preparations with the Foil Stop system ©, which will lead to zero consumption of startup foil;
- forget about additional tools and die-cuttings;
- obtain precision in line with the lithographic register;
- eliminates the need for special and expensive training for the operator, it's up to us, quickly and at no extra cost;
- efficiently short and long runs;
- you can also use differential shafts;
- released from any kind of limitation in the foil coverage;
- SARC Semi-Automatic Roller Change: Automatic reel changer system that dramatically reduces the time spent in new reels loading and empty reels discharging, optimizing and increasing production times.
Less than 10 min. to complete the whole process!!!
Our Cold Foil is therefore one of the most complete and performing in the world.

Pulchritudinis Figura, Miniatures Book printing on parchment paper with our Cold Foil installed on a KBA 105-2, as off-line system.

The Italian Cold Foil by EuroGraf also offers you a great competitive advantage for the Cast & Cure process. In fact, you can reduce costs and working times by choosing between two possible efficient installation options: in the same tower of the Italian Cold Foil or on the coating tower (at the end of the machine).

EuroGraf is the only manufacturer in the world that has three Cast & Cure installations in the same Cold Foil tower.


You can use our Cast & Cure according to 2 possible installation options: in the same Cold Foil tower or on the coating tower at the end of the machine.

For both solutions, a "gripper shadow" of approximately 3cm or more on the front edge of the print is expected, and this causes a loss of holographic film application in this area. This depends on the design of the clamp bar of each machine. The exact "shadow gripper" can only be recognized after installation. You will need to have an UV lamp.

EuroGraf is the only manufacturer in the world that has three Cast & Cure installations in the same Cold Foil tower.

First installation in China, January 2015,
of Cold Foil and Cast&Cure on Heidelberg CX 102 8+L

Installation and Training

Among them there is also the biggest installation of Cold Foil in the world on a RA 162cm

Improper installation of a new system can force you to stop production for maintenance work, and this, we know it well, means losing money and stressing your production processes.

That's why our work starts with a pre-installation visit to the customer to verify all the "specific" conditions that must be respected and hence to create a "tailor-made" unit.

That is why we maniacally take care of the installation of each system, taking into consideration your specific needs and making sure that your production is fluid and efficient. As a second guarantee for the customer, we test the system in our warehouse on a fix base for 95% of the mechanical and electronic functions, with the installation of the automation software, even in the presence of the customer.

So, we handle the installation by sending our team of specialists, 4 people: a mechanic, an electrician, an electronic-software, a specialized instructor, and arranging the joint intervention for linking our Cold Foil to the master machine with a technician coming directly from the printing press manufacturer.

Once we finish installing, stay on your side to make sure that you are ready to catch the new sales opportunities at your disposal: we provide accurate training to your team about using your new system.

Installation and training are included in the cost of the system.

Italian Cold Foil on Heidelberg XL 105 6+L – second installation in China

Why do not we ask for additional costs?

Because we want to be sure you can work without any kind of problem; because your every victory is our victory, a new success story we want to be able to tell right away with you.
In 10 years, none of our printer customers have ever had any problems with the master printing machine. However, the balance of these 8 installations is that our customers have never had any problems or difficulties as they never have requested our intervention. In addition, our machines are equipped with RSA (Remote Service Assistance) to provide quick responses to any electronic and / or application problem.
In addition, with the publication of this web page we will activate our new service care by internet where you can present your initial problems with the foil and our specialist will answer you with the solution.

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How does the Cold Foil by EuroGraf work?

In the first print unit, the adhesive is applied. A standard offset plate is used to apply the adhesive onto the paper / cardboard in the exact position where the foil has to be.

In the second printing unit, the foil adheres strongly and durably to the adhesive. The transfer of the sheet without contact inside the machine with aerodynamic air conveyors ensures a production without scratch, stain? and imperfection.

Color printing begins with the third printing group. Now the sheet with the adhesive and foil already applied, is now overprinted in line, in one pass, to get the laminated and printed product immediately. Coating should be applied as a protective layer.

The foil is available in different colors. The base foil is silver but, since silver is a neutral color, almost all metallic effects, including golden shadows, can be achieved with CMYK printing on silver. Dark black can also be achieved by masking and then black printing on the masked part.

Color effects are achieved using CMYK printing and then glossy or mat coat. You can also use the gold foil in the same way.

The cost is practically the same. There are also different types of holographic foil, including the rainbow foil being the most used.

However, you can easily use your machine under normal conditions if you do not need to print the foil. The changing times in this way are the same as those of a normal offset printing.

You will only need to clean the first printing unit from the glue and for this job you will use the same solvents as the cleaning of the inking. For the foil you just have to cut the reel and rewind it up so it does not bother you.

Picture of a catalog of antique clocks printed on silver foil

With Cold Foil by EuroGraf, your company becomes more competitive and more profitable

Color table on silver foil, overprinted with CMYK process: only with Cold Foil you can get this brilliant print

Your new system allows you to:
- Increase sales and expanding the customer base, increasing their fidelity, thanks to the uniqueness of your production and the very low competition;
- eliminate additional labor costs and external resources;
- reduce operating costs;
- eliminate expensive foil board;
- take advantage of all-in-line processes.

Ask to receive free of charge the advantage guide and costs of Cold Foil by EuroGraf and the sample printing set.
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Our Indexing System allows you to index the blanket gap foil consumption to the printing length.

We have built a Indexing System inside the cold foil unit so that the new lamination starts right at the end of the previous cylinder turn, using our special system. All at speeds of about 8,000 sheets per hour.

As the blanket gap runs, the infeed rollers pull back a foil length equal to the blanket gap.


Second Hand Printing Machines and for Converting

We know how to recognize a business and you can be sure that we will only offer you efficient machines.
Since the beginning of our activity on the market we have sold more than a thousand offset sheet printing units and special paper converting machines such as die-cuttings, folder-gluers, window-patchers.
The second hand machines we sell, which we have carefully rebuilt and guaranteed, are now part of the infrastructure of the largest printers in Italy and abroad.

Sure to sell only efficient machines and willing to immediately put you in a position to profitably use your next machine, we deal, both in Italy and abroad, with:

- transport;
- unloading;
- assembly;
- training with highly specialized technicians.

Companies that have decided to purchase used machines guaranteed by EuroGraf, benefit from the big advantages they acquire and are today among the most important printers in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North Africa.

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